Using an app to support recovery

You can use an app designed to encourage you to take recovery breaks or find ways to rest or recharge. There are new apps being released all the time. Here are a few places to start.

Take a break

Awareness is a subtle app to encourage taking a break. It doesn’t nag you or force you to step away from your computer. Instead, with the sound of a Tibetan singing bowl, the app gently reminds you how long you’ve spent on your computer without taking a break.

Other apps that might help you take a break are; Calm, Breathe2Relax, and the aptly named app, Take a Break.

Woman in office meditating and taking a break from her laptop
A multi-ethnic group of young business people are meditating and doing yoga on the floor inside a sunlit office. They are doing a stress-relieving exercise.

Get moving

Yoga is well known for its focus on alignment, posture, mindfulness and strengthening flexibility, so why not take a quick stretch in the middle of your day? Good for computer-fatigue, Office Yoga MD features more than 20 poses that can be done in any workspace, with quick and easy to follow instructions to alleviate stress, while building strength.

Other apps that might help you get moving are; Office Ninja, Map My Walk, and Moove Alert. If you feel like taking a lunch time bike ride you could use a bike-share app like Onzo or nextbike.


You can think of Headspace as a gym membership for your mind. It is a meditation app for everyone, from beginners to those who regularly meditate. The app claims to teach meditation and mindfulness in just 10 minutes a day. You can personalise a variety of different collections to suit your mood and lifestyle, and make it a part of your day at any time.

Other apps that might help you recharge are; Lumosity, Happify, and Smiling Mind.

Side view portrait of a woman relaxing listening to music lying on the grass with the sea in the background

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