Cheers to Summer: The Ultimate Summer Drink

By December 13, 2018Good Living

Auckland cocktail bar Parasol and Swing founder Jason Rosen shares his tips for the perfect summer tipples.

What do you think is the ultimate drink of this summer?

We’re loving combining tropical flavours with spices, which is definitely going to continue into summer. Combinations like pumpkin and mandarin, pineapple and five spice, pandan and ginger or smoky tea with sandalwood and lemon oil.

What’s your favourite summer cocktail?

Any well balanced variation of a daiquiri or a good G&T. For something you can make at home, we’re rather fond of Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz gin with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic and pink grapefruit.

What wines are the best to drink this summer?

Rosé is only going to keep growing in popularity, and we’re betting that, this year, people are going to start paying a little more attention to the styles and the origin. Dry riesling is also due for a breakthrough to a wider audience. There’s a reason it’s almost always one of the favourite white varietals of every wine rep.

What about beer?

We think a refreshing Gose is not only crisp and delicious but has a lot of value in the cocktail side of the menu, so expect some cross-over there.

What do you think is the best celebration drink for summer?

Champagne is where it’s at, but be wary of big brand supermarket bubbles with heavy discount stickers. Instead, look for the equivalent prices in champagne houses you’ve probably not heard of, particularly growers’ champagne, where it’s a boutique, family-operated house with decades of experience who handle the production from vine to bottle.


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