Moving cities or flats can be hugely stressful!

Which can seem ironic given it can also be exciting and the start of a new phase of life and opportunities.
Like any major life change moving disrupts our comfortable routines and adds an extra pressure to already busy lives.

What can we do to reduce the stress and make it more likely we can enjoy rather than dread the experience?

1. Create time and energy for the move. Take time off work if you can, clear your schedule of non-essential tasks, ask for help with child care and other responsibilities so you can focus and not feel overwhelmed.


2. Plan, make lists, or create a spreadsheet! Use whatever system works for you but use a system. You won’t be able to hold all the information in your head and using a plan frees up mental energy rather than draining it with memory tasks.


3. Build in recovery and relaxation times. Take a pause in the planning and during the actual move to make a cup of tea, breathe slowly for 5 minutes, walk around and savour your new home.


4. Ask for help from your support network. You can ask people to help with specific tasks or email your network a list of all the things you would love their help with and ask them to pick one. You can also promise to return the favour next time they move.

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