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By October 2, 2019Good Living, Insurance

I’ve got contents insurance, what else can I do to protect my belongings?

Contents insurance is a great safety net if your belongings are damaged, lost or stolen. But no one wants to have to use it. Here are three things you can do to protect your possessions and give you peace of mind. 

1. Ring the alarm

Home security systems help keep your property safe in more ways than one. While a screaming house alarm may stop burglars in their tracks, just the presence of an alarm can also stop burglaries before they happen.

Overseas reports estimate around 60% of burglars would avoid a house with an alarm. Most burglars would look to see if a house was alarmed before attempting a burglary and of those, about half would discontinue the attempt if they found an alarm.

2. Nail it down

These are shaky isles we lives in and nowhere is truly immune from seismic activity, so it’s important to secure heavy objects like bookshelves and entertainment units to the walls. This will prevent them from falling over in an earthquake, causing more damage to your property – or worse – injuring you or your family.

Anything that’s tall or heavy should be secured – think fridges and freezers, freestanding wood burners and televisions. The Earthquake Commission has some great advice on how to secure these big items.

3. Be careful online

Online identity theft is a growing issue that causes personal distress and financial loss. Not only can criminals use your information for fraudulent activities, but they might also on-sell your information to others, leading to even more problems.

To keep your information safe, you need strong passwords, avoid using public wifi networks and steer clear of sharing personal information online.

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