Children’s trauma benefit increased

Children’s trauma benefit increased

MAS increased the benefit it pays for children’s trauma under its Recovery Insurance policy  as a way to take some pressure off in these stressful times

Up to $100,000 child trauma benefit enhancement

The benefit enhancement, which has been automatically applied to all existing Recovery Insurance policyholders from early December 2018, will now pay up to $100,000 for a child trauma event.

MAS Life & Disability Insurance Product Manager Phil Belcher understands that children getting seriously ill and needing treatment is a stressful time for families. This benefit is designed to pay a cash lump sum to provide parents with options to get their child the help they need.

“MAS’ priority is protecting what matters most to our Members, and for parents, what matters most is their children. The updated trauma cover means, if the worst was to happen, you’re able to access money that will help reduce stress.”

No limitations to the payment

Members choose the sum they would like to be insured for under their Recovery Insurance cover. The free children’s cover will pay 50 percent of that sum per child per claim up to $100,000 without it impacting the adult’s policy, Belcher says.

“It’s a cash lump sum, you can do whatever you like with it with no limitations. You might need money to cover transport costs or for funding non-PHARMAC medication. Or you might use it to fly in your mum and dad to help look after the kids. It’s not a prescribed thing,” he says.

The benefit for children covers 17 conditions including cancer, deafness, intensive care treatment, meningitis and paralysis.

Cover is automatically provided under the Recovery Insurance policy

“There are often multiple options to treat serious illnesses, and parents will likely need to take time off work to care for their children, so this added benefit gives you financial choice to do just that,” Belcher says.

Parents aren’t required to register their children for this cover. It is automatically provided under their Recovery Insurance policy.

Age eligibility for children is from three months to 21 years at which time they can take out their own policy for $100,000 without underwriting, he says.

Cover is automatically provided under the Recovery Insurance policy.

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