Cheers to Summer: Barbecue at Home

By December 13, 2018Good Living

Wilson Barbecue’s top tips

  1. Ensure you start with quality meat – it makes a huge difference to the end product.
  2. Different cuts suit different styles of barbecue. For example, brisket is suited to low and slow cooking because it takes a long time for the connective tissue to break down and become tender. A good rule of thumb is the thinner the meat, the hotter the heat to caramelise the outside without overcooking the inside.
  3. Always season your meat. Even a little salt and pepper can enhance the flavours of the meat. You can also play around with things like garlic powder, paprika, chilli or onion powder to suit your taste.
  4. Controlling the temperature throughout the cooking process ensures the internal temperature of the meat continues to rise at a steady rate. If there are temperature spikes during the cook, it can make the meat chewy and also make the cooking take much longer.
  5. Use smoke like any other ingredient. Different woods have different flavours and should be used to complement the meat, not overpower it. A clean-burning fire will have a sweeter smoke while a smouldering one will have a more bitter, acrid-tasting smoke. Aim for a small hot fire.
  6. Use temperature as a guide for when the meat is done – the internal temperature should be between 95 to 98 degrees Celsius. If you’re cooking a beef rib or brisket, a probe or skewer should slide right through the meat like a hot knife through butter.
Wilson Barbecue it is all about the meat

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